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Air-Cooled Digital Scroll (Packaged & Split System)

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Model: PZA22D
Model: PZA18D
Model: PZAT5S
Model: PZA3S
Model: PZAT11S
Model: PZA22D

Outdoor Condenser Section
• Discharge and Liquid Line ball valves on
   indoor and outdoor equipment

• Cooling capacities from 1 ton to 91 tons
• Single or Dual Copeland Digital Scroll Compressors
• LCD Touchscreen Controller
• Tankless, Stainless Steel Tank or Polyethylene Tank

 Remote Idec touchscreen control panel
 Industrial VPN Router
 5 Port Ethernet Switch
BacNet Gateway
Process Pump VFD Controller
• 4 year extended compressor warranty
• Casters (factory mounted)
• Compressor Sound Cover
• 115 volt (rain tight) service outlet
• Non Fused Disconnect
 Phase Monitor, line voltage monitor offering protection against
   phase loss/reversal, unbalance and High/Low voltage

• Compressor fusing
• Flooded cond. w/receiver/head pressure control (0°F)
• Heated, flooded cond. w/receiver/head pressure
   control (-20°F)

• Factory installed evaporator heat tape freeze protection
• Lowflow by-pass valve
• Fused, STAINLESS STEEL process pump
• Dual system pump with manual changeover
• Dual system pump with auto changeover
• Pump suction isolation valve
• Water pressure gauge set
• Copper finned condenser coil (coastal protection)
Coastal powder coat paint protection
E-Coat Condenser Coil (coastal protection)
• Water Flow Meter
• Auto city water make up solenoid & auto level switch
• Auto city water changeover panel with filter
• Stainless steel, SCH80 PVC or Polypropylene piping for deionized
   and reverse osmosis water systems

 ETL listed to UL1995 & CAN/CSA C22.2 No. 236-11,
   4th edition, 10/14/2011

 Single Point Power Connection
 Idec microprocessor controller with easy to use      
   touch screen display

 STAINLESS STEEL, brazed plate evaporator
• Scroll compressor with crankcase heater
Suction Accumulator
 Water flow switch
 Hot Gas Bypass Capacity Control
24V control transformer
• Direct drive condenser fan motor
• Fan cycle control (+40°F)
• Rust resistant, high CFM, aluminum condenser fan blade
• Condenser(s): copper tube/aluminum fin
• Compressor motor contactor
• Condenser motor and control circuit fusing
 Painted (Powder Coated), galvanized metal cabinet
• 1/2 inch insulation on all water and refrigerant lines
• Liquid line drier, sight glass, solenoid, TXV
• Complete refrigerant charge from factory

Tank Models Only

Available Options (Most Models)

Split System Models Only

Tank Models Only

Standard Features (All Models)


STAINLESS STEEL storage tank with 1/2 inch insulation
• Fused, STAINLESS STEEL recirculation pump for tank
   operation with ball valve and cleanable strainer
• Tank pressure relief valve, vent and drain hose bibs 

• Storage tank sight glass
• Tank low liquid level indicator 

We can match your digital chiller with any colors
on the RAL Color System Chart.

J&M Fluidics' Air-Cooled Digital Scroll Process Chiller Product Line is ideal for residential, industrial and refrigeration process cooling applications that require VERY stable temperatures and energy efficiency. Available in 4.0 to 120.0 HP. Chillers are also available in split condenser configurations.  STANDARD ON ALL J&M MODELS: Pentra Microsmart, Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with
HMI Touch Screen Display.

VFD Condenser Fan Drives

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Digital Process Chiller 

shown below:

VFD Pump & Fan  Precision Control
located inside the chiller
showing optional
Storage Tank
Sight Glass
back side showing
Condenser Coils
Front Side
showing optional 
HMI Protective Cover
(above J&M logo)

...with Digital Scroll Primary Compressor

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