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Custom / OEM / Private Label Chillers

Custom OEM Process Chillers

State of the Art Production: In our 20,000
square foot chiller production facility
J&M Fluidics runs several OEM process chiller
products. Key steps of our production process
are highly automated assuring that each process
chiller comes off the line with consistent quality
our customers expect. J&M Fluidics can service
both large and small scale process chiller
production needs.

Load Run testing and QC: All production machines
are run tested under load. As part of our state of
the art QC process, all key operating points of each
chiller are recorded on our testing system. Output reports from load testing are stored on a 8gb SD card and shipped with every process chiller. Once load testing is completed, each J&M Fluidics system is checked and detailed in our QC department.

For more information on J&M Fluidics's Custom / OEM Chiller Manufacturing Service or private label agreements, please call 888-539-1731, or click here to Contact Us Online.

Custom / OEM / Private Label
Process Chillers

J&M Fluidics understands that not all process cooling requirements fit off the shelf systems designs. For this reason, J&M Fluidics provided a wide range of custom OEM design and manufacturing capabilities.

Private Label Process Chillers:  For volume accounts, J&M Fluidics offers private label process chiller manufacturing agreements. If your company has been purchasing more than ten chillers per year, J&M Fluidics Private Label Program could double your current volume (and profit) in less than three years. This can include your current design, or a design by J&M to your specifications. Custom paint is available to match your company's color scheme.

Our Private Label Process Chillers can be
"powder coated" to match your company's
brand color, plus add a label with your
company logo.

We can match your chiller with any colors on the RAL Color System Chart.

J&M Fluidics
Custom-Water-Cooled Chiller

J&M Fluidics
Custom-Air-Cooled Chiller 
Model: PZA36M

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J&M Fluidics
Custom-Water-Cooled Chiller
Model: PZWT30DH6D

Side view of
Model: PZWT30DH6D

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