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Shown with Optional Portability

Large Ice Rinks to Small Backyard Rinks...
J&M Builds "Ice Building" Ice Rink Chiller Systems
with the Cooling Power & Dependability Your Ice Rink Demands.

J&M Fluidics Ice Rink Chillers...  

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J&M Ice Rink Chiller model for your rink:
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Our Most Popular Model:
Ice Rink Chiller
(all models with touchscreen display)

J&M Fluidics manufacturers a high quality line of Ice Rink Chillers built for exceptional ice building performance & reliability.  All of our Ice Rink Chillers come standard with our state-of-the-art  user friendly HMI touch screen control that works seamlessly with our programmable Logic Controller (PLC) & custom software. Our ice rink chillers also include, stainless steel process pumps, stainless steel brazed plate evaporator, painted packaged unit, and more. J&M Fluidics is built on a Commitment to Excellence... All units go through an extensive factory performance test before
ever leaving the factory. If you need help, just give us a call... we are here to guide you to the
right ice rink chiller for
your needs.

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Other Model Sizes Available.

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Custom Model:  PZA56MF6ECM
Ice Rink Chiller –
with Custom ECM Fan Motors, VFD,
Optional Door Mounted HMI and
Protective HMI Cover.
(all models with touchscreen display)

Back View

Front View

Other Model Sizes Available.

Shown with
Optional ECM Fan Motors

Shown with Optional Casters
for Portability

Model:  PZA4.5S
Ice Rink Chiller
(all models with touchscreen display)

Shown here with
Optional Disconnect Door Switch

Model:  PZA20ME6RINK
(4) Compressor Ice Rink Chiller
(all models with touchscreen display)

Touchscreen located insde Electrical Cabinet