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J&M Fluidics - Fluid Process Solutions

The J&M Fluidics mission is to provide innovative, high-quality process chillers, tank
and pump skids, custom fluid cooling solutions and economizer products to the U.S. and international markets at competitive prices. J&M Fluidics strives to target medical, industrial, commercial, OEM, and residential markets and have its name in the industry become synonymous with process chillers. J&M Fluidics offers quality process fluid chillers using precision state-of-the-art performance controls you need for today's critical process chiller applications. Built with Pride in the U.S. by Americans and designed, manufactured and delivered by quality hardworking people. Applications include but not limited to:

Commercial, Industrial & Residential Cooling Applications

• Air Conditioning
• Oil
• Injection Molding
• Plating Process
• Welding Machine
• Computer Room Air Conditioning
• Laser
• Dry Cleaning Machine
• Jacket Cooling
• Water-Cooled Condenser
• Printing Processing
• Swimming Pools
• Cold Plunge Pools & Spas
• Aquariums
• Fish Hatcheries

Medical & Pharmaceutical Cooling Applications

• M.R.I. Magnet
• Operating Room Air Conditioning
• P.E.T. Scan / C.A.T. Scan
• Medical Cannabis/Hemp Extraction
• Lab Testing
• Hypothermia Pads and Blankets
• Pharmaceutical Process Cooling

• Bakery Processing
• Brewery
• Winery
• Ciders
• Distillers
• Drinking Water Fountain
• Batch Cooling
• Ice Machine Pre-Cool
• Fruit & Vegetable Washing 
   and Processing
• Hydroponics
• Candy Manufacturing
• Dairy Cooling
• Soft Drink/Beverage Cooling
• Mushroom Cooling


Food & Beverage Industry Cooling Applications

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Ice Skating Rink Chillers
• Chemical
• Low Temperature Process
• Plastics & Rubber Industries
• Military Cooling Applications
• Anodizing Process Cooling
• Semiconductor Cooling
• Commercial Ship Cooling Applications
• Energy
• Plasma Cooling
• Data Center Cooling
• Cold Storage
• Extrusion Cooling
• Rocket Fuel Cooling
• Tunnel Drilling Cooling

Shown Below:  Installed Air-Cooled Scroll Chillers

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• Commercial HVAC Chillers
• Machine Tool Cooling
• Machine Tool Coolant
• Custom Cooling Inovation